As much as it’s amazing for the business to be providing services in multiple locations in India, it can be a matter of hassle when it comes to GST registration for the same. In simple words, if you provide service/have office in multiple cities then you need to have registrations for all those cities.

Why is it a hassle?

Depending on the scale of operations, many cities ask for registration and with a new city there would be new rules that you have to deal with.

When do you need a multi-state registration?

When you have business  offices in more than one state, you need to have multiple GST registrations. A person having business in Faridabad who seldom provides services in Delhi doesn’t need to get registered twice but if he often provides the same amount of services in both places then it would need multiple registrations.

In case of multiple offices:

  • Make sure you have different registrations.
  • Your business activities should comply with those registrations.
  • The invoices/bills must always be in accordance with that particular state.

To conclude, a  person needs to have their office registered in every state they have in. GST rules must be followed for every state. The invoices raised must be in accordance to the respective location and the taxes would be paid in the respective state only. Unlike earlier times when you could have just one registration (where your head office was) irrespective of your operations in other states, now you need to have one for each.

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